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Best Apple Watch Faces for Your Smartwatch

Namrata Sona

18 February, 2021 - 5 MINUTES READ

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Upgrade your Apple smart wearable with classy and stylish watch faces. Apple wearables don’t support third-party watch faces, but the brand has provided an extensive selection of watch faces that you can choose for your Smartwatch. There is such variety in the design and complications that you will have plenty of options to choose from the gallery. This guide will list the best Apple Watch Faces for your Smartwatch. We will also guide you on changing the watch face and customizing it according to your preference

Changing Faces on Apple Watch

The easiest way to change the watch face is to simply swipe left or right to select from your list of favorites.

The other option is to force touch the screen to open the Apple Watch faces library. All the watch faces may not be displayed. If you are looking for more options, then you need to click on the + symbol on the far right to import new watch faces from the catalog.

The second option is to visit Apple watch companion app and manually select a watch face from the full face gallery.

Apple Watch complications

In Apple Smartwatches, we call the tiny customizable widgets as Complications. These widgets appear on the screen and allow you to customize your Apple Smartwatch.

Complications let you access the information you need right on the screen without having to swipe to the function to get it. If you want to change the complications, tap the “Customize” prompt that you get while changing watch faces or switching between watch faces.

Using this option, you can change the design elements, colors, and complications of a watch face and save it in your on-watch library.

Best Apple Watch Faces

1. Infograph

infograph apple watch face

If you want plenty of complications on your Apple Watch Face, the Infograph is the right choice. It supports up to 8 complications, including corner ones. Use the middle complication to access common apps like Music and Activity. The complication at the top right lets you check the current as well as minimum and maximum temperatures.

2. Meridian

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With a clean bold analog look, the Meridian is one of the best Apple watch faces. It was added to the Apple Watch Face Gallery with Watch OS 6. It has four complications in the middle.

3. Modular Compact

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The new Modular Compact face has six complication spots and packs a whole lot of information. You can change the three icons at the bottom to common contacts to make calls directly from your watch. There’s not much you can do with the corner complications, but the middle modular unit has heart rate data, boarding passes from Quantas, and Citymapper commuting alerts.

4. Breathe

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This watch face has the same design as that of the app. Tap on the watch face to directly go to the Breathe app for a guided session. You can also add other complications on the watch face if you want.

5. Gradient

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Featuring a beautiful combination of bold colors and a clean finish, the Gradient adds class and style to your Apple Smartwatch. In Series 5 Apple watches, the Gradient watch face goes to dark mode when your wrist is down. Plus, you can choose a color that matches your look for the day.

6. Pride

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Show your support for the LGBTQ+ with this Pride Watch face. The minimalistic design looks great on your Smartwatch. Tap the on-screen to prompt beautiful animations and rainbow lines. You can also adjust the single complication.

7. Activity

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A watch face that will not only style up your Apple watch, but also help you track your activity. This watch face has a workout compilation on top and a heart rate complication on the side, so you can quickly track and monitor your fitness and health metrics at the same time. The compilation at the bottom monitors your eating habits while the digital activity at the center tracks exercise minutes, stand hours, and calories burned.

8. Solar Dial

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Flashy and practical, this new watch face is perfect for your hi-tech wearable. The watch face has a prominent solar measure that updates you of the sunset times, wherever you are. Each corner of the face has compilations that you can customize as per your need. This watch face is designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

9. Siri

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If you’re looking for a personal assistant who keeps pace with your daily routine, Siri is your best bet. This watch face has the Siri compilation right on the top. So, you want something, just ask your smartwatch and forget about looking for your Smartphone. At the bottom, you will see a carousel of notifications, guidance, and more.

10. Simple

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Got an Apple ecosystem at home? This Simple Watch Face has the HomeKit compilation that lets you access your remote to control your Apple TV. Plus, this watch face has a timer.

11. Mickey Mouse

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Add a little fun to your daily routine with this Mickey Mouse Watch Face. Just click on Mickey, and he’ll tell you the time and on the sarcastic carrot to get weather reports. You can also swap Mickey for one of your favs from the Toy Story Gang or Pokemon Go.

12. Numerals

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If you’re aiming for a simple and classy look, go for the Numerals Watch face. It is uncluttered and displays only the time and date. Personalize it with a color of your choice.

13. Kaleidoscope

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Want to relax or zone out in a stressful situation? Just look at the Kaleidoscope face on your Apple Smartwatch. You can choose a picture and the kaleidoscope design in the Watch Companion app and design your very own Kaleidoscope face. The heart and breathe rate complications are placed on top. Watch the kaleidoscope as you calm yourself.