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A perfect and game-changing health wearable of the season

Namrata Sona

29 May, 2021 - 2 MINUTES READ

Whoop strap review Oct       PM

Fitness trackers are enjoyed and loved by all the fitness freaks, even normal people are getting accustomed to fitness wearables. The fitness tracker’s continuous health monitoring and useful insights have proven better than most wearables. Now as a part of the fitness family, WHOOP has decided to a playa major role, and they did release a fitness tracker with some of the best features available. Exciting insights about your health and more personalized suggestions on the inferred metrics are now part of the Whoop strap.

WHOOP is a different fitness wearable that is designed to be non-invasive and does transfers data to the partner app in the mobile device which can be accessed anywhere from your mobile or laptop. WHOOP is a serious gamechanger when fitness is the only consent because it offers useful and important specs that are now not available with most fitness trackers. Whoop tracks three important features, strain, sleep, and recovery, and pulls down the metrics for analysis. The strap can potentially measure key metrics like heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep tracking. This means along with your tracking your training, you can get an insight into your recovery and rest as well. Whoop just does not stop with metrics of sleep and heart rate it also suggests the amount of sleep your body needs and also specifies the quality and efficiency of your sleep.

For more personalized fitness training there is also a personal digital coach included in the tracker to monitor your health constantly and give you suggestions on what needs to be done. The Whoop strap 3.0 is completely light in weight and offers you a 5-day battery charge. Optimizing and recommending important fitness goals to improve your health is what makes whoop very unique. The strap is highly useful and is used by top athletes and professionals to continue with their challenges.