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Apple AR headset hidden details discovered in iOS code?

Namrata Sona

3 September, 2019 - 2 MINUTES READ

apple glasses concept macrumors

In the midst of all the speculations that Apple has abandoned its plans for an Augmented Reality(AR) headset, there is now hope that either a headset or a smart glass will soon come to us. There is evidence that certain builds of iOS 13 are packed with code to support what seems to be AR headsets, either in the form of glasses, or a face-mounted display like the Google Daydream, or both.

Apple definitely seems to be brewing something. Apple’s large AR headset, known internally as N301, will most likely be capable of handling both augmented reality and virtual reality. The two head-mounted states that are being tested, ‘worn’ and ‘held’, and the details of a ‘Starboard’ system for stereo AR-enabled applications, all hint that Apple is working on the project. It is also rumoured that the code-named ‘Garda’ is associated with an AR device that Apple is developing. MacRumors sneaked in to gather more clues and has information that an AR build is ongoing. Apple may be planning to release the headset by 2022 and the glasses by 2023. The company is also working on improving the ARKit platform, which is largely accessible through iPhones and iPads.

The Digitimes, which has carried ‘hit or miss’ reports on Apple projects, reported back in July 2019 that the company was renouncing the development of AR smart glasses, disappointing faithful customers who were looking forward to AR and smart glasses from Apple. All of them can now cheer up and gear up to purchase the Apple AR, now that there are hints that it is becoming a reality. Apple launched its Apple Watch Series 5 in September 2019. Hope the next ‘thing’ Apple mentions in its famous ‘one more thing’ moment during the product launch will be AR wearable. Fingers crossed.