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QueitOn- The Worlds smallest earbuds built exclusively for sleep

Namrata Sona

29 May, 2021 - 1 MINUTE READ

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs

QuietOn claims that they are the smallest earbuds with an Active noise cancellation feature on the top-notch. Surprisingly there is nothing much than the ANC feature in the pair. QuietOn earbuds can’t play out your favorite tunes, because they do not have any speakers that can deliver your favorite music, which is slightly depriving about the earbuds.

Since they don’t work like your regular earbuds, there is no point in comparing the Quieton earbuds with any regular earbuds. The earbuds have their motto. Here the ANC feature does work a little differently, as they will be able to cancel out low frequency sounds like snoring, buzzing sounds, traffic, and subwoofer resides. QuietOn is quite a great fit into the ears because of its small size and no extra protrusions are extending out.

There are 4 sized ear tips to snug in comfortably into your ears. the battery life is 28 hours, and the charging case alone can offer you 3 sets of charging, which is great about this pair. Apart from sleeping Queiton earbuds is a good traveling companion or when you are in disturbed surroundings.