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Sonos is hinting at Wireless earbuds- Sonos Wireless earbuds files US patents.

Namrata Sona

29 May, 2021 - 1 MINUTE READ

Sonos wireless earbuds case

The Californian tech giant Sonos has another surprise before the release of the most anticipated Sonos Wireless headphones. Sonos seems to create its rivals among the Airpod category. Recently Sonos is actively developing new earpods and is spotted in a US patent filing. the images rounding up the air, depict or gives you an idea of how these earbuds look.

Sonos has not released any teaser or image that can tell you the specs, but just the drawing, for now, explain that the earbuds are wedge-shaped with slots for the earbuds on either side of the case. The design also indicates that the earbuds charging case might be USB-Type C. Sonos also has plans to extend the playtime of the earbuds buds using tiny and detachable battery plates or charging adaptors.

These battery plates are found attached to the outer body of each bud magnetically. The patent filing doesn’t give too much info anyways, other than confirming that Sonos buds would feature voice control, playback, and the ability to sync with Multiple Network Devices.