From the start, we knew there was a better way We did not plan on starting a company. We just knew we could get so much more out of our training, but needed help reaching our goals. When we couldn’t find a tool to monitor progress, optimize technique, and quantify the impact of training volume, we decided to build it. We knew we could leverage science to help us train better. Then, we stumbled upon electromyography (EMG), a clinical technology that captures what your muscles are doing. We decided to integrate it into clothing to measure our output and progress at the gym. Everyone told us it had been tried, that it was impossible….turns out they were wrong. When impossible became possible, we knew we could help hundreds of thousands of athletes train better. Since our incorporation, 2012, Athos has been translating EMG into a simple and powerful training system. From cueing muscle activations, evaluating movement progression, and monitoring the accumulation of stress on your muscles throughout training; our system will help athletes reach their highest potential. By giving athletes and coaches this unprecedented insight into muscle performance, they better understand what the body is actually doing in the days, weeks, and months of preparation for the days that really matter. We see your commitment to competition and are inspired to get you there: bigger, faster, stronger, more explosive.


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