"Here at Ekster, our mission is simple; we're in the business of making people's daily lives easier. First we reimagined the traditional wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now we're upgrading the rest of your carry essentials so you have time to focus on what really matters. OUR GENESIS HOW WE GOT HERE What started as a rag-tag team of dreamers has turned into the biggest smart wallet brand in the world, hauled into success by the crowdfunded support of millions. OUR PRODUCTS BUILT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY We create intuitive everyday products that reflect the needs of a modern world. Our ecosystem of connected carry goods is already in the hands of over half a million people worldwide, and we’re just getting started. OUR TECH TIME WELL-SPENT All our products are designed around the principle of efficiency, reconfiguring the way we carry to maximize our time well-spent. We make things like theft, loss and skimming preventable. OUR MATERIALS SUSTAINABLE, DURABLE, RELIABLE We invest in the creation and discovery of innovative materials like vegan recycled leather made from car windshields and ECCO DriTan leather that feel as good in your pocket as it does for the planet. IMPACTING TOMORROW ROAD TO SUSTAINABLILITY We want our products to help shape a better future. That means using solar panels instead of batteries, opting for recycled and sustainable materials and embracing social responsibility. Learn more about our journey towards becoming a B-Corp and Climate Neutral."


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