One night after an event with Ray, Rajia was walking back to her car when a car full of guys rolled down the window and started yelling inappropriate comments, the car stopped and one of the guys started to get out. Luckily, Rajia was able to run and get in her car, unharmed. Though she was now safe, Rajia felt completely helpless. Although her phone was right in her purse, she didn’t have that split second to find her phone and call the police or her friends who were still inside, at the event, less than a block away. Rajia (invisaWear's CEO) and Ray (invisaWear’s CTO) first started working on invisaWear while in college. After exploring safety devices that provide S.O.S solutions, Rajia and Ray felt defeated. The current options were too big and bulky, or displayed a "panic button" feeling. They wanted a stylish, discreet S.O.S device, ideal for everyday wear. Thus, invisaWear was born!


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