iVOOMi is an Indian brand, which has the manufacturing unit in India since 2001. After successfully established in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nepal the Middle East, Having the vision to deliver products that enhance simple lifestyle experience allows 5 clear business verticals in our organization namely; Telecommunications, Audio, Technology accessories, DIY components and Smart products. The landscape of technology platform has gone through many forms of evolution and it is important to note that our verticals do not operate in silo’s, on the main objectives focusing on the Users lifestyle enhancement first and secondly on which combination of products functions can meet these needs. IT Peripherals: With an experience of over 2 decades in this category, iVOOMi gives its IT products like Keyboard, Mouse, LED Monitor that WOW factor which differentiates it from its competitors. Medical: iVOOMi has been extremely gifted in spotting opportunities in the midst of chaos. With the growing fear of pandemic and increasing demand for medical products, we developed some of the best IR Thermometers and Oximeters. International Business: Strong international relations has enabled us to serve countries like Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nepal the Middle East. Brand License: In the year 2020, iVOOMi purchased the rights from Intex Technologies to use its brand ‘Intex’ exclusively to manufacture and distribute medical products – IR Thermometer and Oximeter. Electric Vehicle: Looking into the future, iVOOMi has established high trust and credibility with consumers and clients globally through its path-breaking innovation, customization and high-quality services. We are committed to establishing iVOOMi in the global market with our innovative products, loaded with highly value and affordable price. We are committed to continuously delivering a better user-experience at disruptive price to aspiration consumers.


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