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We’re a team of pet lovers, tech experts and designers dedicated to connecting pets with their people. We started Link because we wanted to be connected to our pets, no matter where we go. They’re our best friends, so we always want to be there for them. And we want that for you and your pets too. Our pets do so much for us, so we believe in our responsibility to keep them happy, healthy, and fulfilled. That’s why we’re so passionate about Link. Learn About Link's History We started with the dilemma all pet lovers face – we want to be with our pets all the time, but sometimes it isn’t possible. So, we asked ourselves, “How can we make sure our pets are safe and happy when we’re away?” We couldn’t find a good answer, so we created one and founded Link in 2015. We quickly realized that a one-size-fits-all GPS pet collar wasn’t going to cut it. And we don’t just mean the size of the collar; we’re talking personality. Armed with feedback from the Link team and pet lovers like you, we soon discovered that we needed something as dynamic as the range of personalities found in pets across the world. So, we reinvented everything about the Link. Forget boring pet collars designed with a generic pet in mind, the Link is now a robust device packed with a range of features as diverse as the pets whose collars they are attached to. From noisy, sleepy Beagles to stealthy, escape-artist Huskies, the newest generation of the Link was created with every pet in mind. The small device and user-friendly app comes packed with training tools, customized activity monitoring, and an unprecedented tracking system monitored by real humans, the Link Concierge team.


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