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At ThirdEye Gen, we create the next generation of Mixed Reality Glasses and augmented/mixed reality software. Mixed Reality glasses bring about a new era of hands-free human interaction via directly interacting with surrounding objects or placing digital info into your field of view. Our History ThirdEye’s team has pedigree in the Augmented Reality Space with 50+ years of advanced technology development expertise for the Department of Defense. Our developed tech include laser range-finders for pre-shot threat detection, AR scopes mounted onto rifles, electro-optics design and Augmented Reality head mounted displays (HMD) for soldier including many patents in the field. We are proud to have developed for the most demanding use case – the US Soldier. Based in Princeton, NJ, we design and develop our products in the United States. With the total focus on the success of our clients, we are committed to developing cutting edge technology.


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