We’re Vitesy, a company of scientists, engineers and designers who have one goal: remove the bad stuff that surrounds us, and enable us to live in only clean, pure environments. We’ve figured out a way to get the nasty stuff from air pollution, household chemicals, paint, cigarette smoke, carpeting, plastics, cooking and more out of your home and workplace, and Vitesy systems replace it with rich, pure, clean air. And we’re relentless about this stuff. Our first two products were both introduced to the world via Kickstarters, and both were huge successes. They combined cutting-edge technology with the natural purification power of plants; they clean the air in your home and office, and they look beautiful doing it. And now Vitesy moves on to our next chapter, with an evolution of our thinking and an advancement of our technology. Our next product will enable people to live safer, healthier lives just as our products did – but better. We’re committed to enabling you and yours to live healthier, fuller, longer lives. We want to empower you with tools that let you take control of your environment. We are a partner in your better life. We’re Vitesy.


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