At Yunmai Technology, we believe that every action we take now is trying to change the world.Established in 2014,Yunmai Technology is an innovative, science and technology based, internet enterprise. From the beginning, we have devoted ourselves to advocating quality, healthy lifestyles, and in the process, have become determined to improve our customers’ user experience when using our top-grade products and services.Since 2014, we launched our first smart scale, Yunmai Premium, Yunmai is constantly inventing and innovating through science and technology by using intelligent health monitoring management hardware with apps, collating exclusive health data and producing healthy lifestyle related products. We, at Yunmai, always apply ourselves in order to serve those people who pursue quality lifestyles and look to satisfy their demand for personalized fitness.Our innovation and breakthroughs have also been internationally recognized in more than 40 countries around the world, and Yunmai technology has won many influential international design awards. For example, Yunmai Premium 2 won German iF Product Design Award and their Red Dot Design Award since 2017, due to the simple and trendy design, with its corporate look and core elements in technology, fashion, sports and others.As we experienced in past years, Yunmai is a young but ambitious collective. We are new but we have strength and the ability to make cutting-edge innovations, so whether you’re new to fitness or looking forward to a more positive lifestyle, joining us and growing with Yunmai is a smart choice.




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